Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Welcome to Many Ideas!

Greetings, fellow nerds.

Welcome to my new blog, which I plan to use as a lever to TAKE OVER THE WORLD! I know: talk is cheap. However, talk also changes people's minds, and changing people's minds can topple governments. (Note to NSA: I'm not planning on toppling your government any time soon. Go back to sleep.)

However, talk only does good if you say something new. I'm not a great writer, so I can't dazzle you with witty prose. However, I'm a math & science geek. I can take a quantitative look at things which we might have missed. My dream is that one of my "many ideas" (note to self: ironic for a first blog post? Too much hubris?) will snowball through - you guessed it - talk. So, if you find something amusing, mention it to your pals, and maybe together we can TAKE OVER THE WORLD! Seriously.

Keep dreaming!


Anonymous said...

Your greetings to fellow nerds is endearing; however, since what you have to say is important to a lot of others, how about welcoming the rest of us to your blog, as well?
...a woman of a certain age...

LeDopore said...

Good point. What do you think would sound better? Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

Hey, people! appeals. But I leave it to you.
... a woman ..., again